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That’s a smashing blouse…

Right, here we go!

My name’s Ben, I’ve been sober for… 12 minutes now. I enjoy archery, badminton and cheesecake and my goal in life is set up an archery range where people can loose arrows at cheesecakes batted in the air with racquets. It’s a noble calling.

I have my own business (actually, several) and, whilst I enjoy the finer things in life like nice cars, holidays and huge cheesecakes, my ideal afternoon would be spent walking a dog with a beautiful girl.

I’m on here because I’m, frankly, tired of just picking up random girls on a night out. It’s too easy and I’m bored of it – I’m after something with a little more duration. They say most relationships grow from the workplace but – in my case – that’s not going to happen. I start sleeping with the staff and I risk being taken to a tribunal when I fire them.

So, here I am. And here you are. That’s a happy coincidence.

Why not drop me an eMail? If it’s not written in txt spk and consists of more than just “How are you?” I promise I’ll get back to you.

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