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Someone special who I can share that with

Don’t you just hate having to think of this bit!?

I’ve finally realised, ‘strong silent; types aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. So – here goes nothing.

This really is, quite possibly, a once in a lunchtime offer – your chance to acquire the attentions of a fabulously single, unencumbered and totally baggage free ‘chap’. Currently in full possession of all his own hair (possibly a bit too much at the moment), teeth (almost) and faculties (although not recently medically verified) and allegedly in full working order. Someone who’s mercifully indifferent to footie, is completely incapable of explaining (or understanding) the off-side rule, does not smell (usually), and is perfectly presentable to show to your mother!! So, why not? Go on – I dare you!! What have you got to lose? (aside, maybe, from your dignity, sanity, and quite possibly most of your friends??).

OK – so stupid glibness aside …. I am actually reassuringly normal and have been told I’m quite nice. On a good day, I’ve even been known to string a few vaguely intelligible sentences together. If you’re looking for a skydiving; extreme-fishing or avalanche-chasing ski buddy, it’s probably best you move to the next profile – but it you’re after a good listener, a sensitive little soul and someone who might occasionally make you smile … maybe I’m your man.

I’m relatively new to the area and loving all that Dorset has to offer. It would be great to meet a partner in crime to go have some adventures with. Not literally, of course, unless you fancy having a go at the local branch of Barclays – you bring the tights, I’ll fire up the Jag!

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