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Women who have a bit of humility and compassion

Strong but caring and sensitive. Love, care, honesty is what I do best. WLTM someone who values the above and can be demonstrative in return

Well, one of my best pals has put me up to this. He and his girlfriend think I’m a good catch. That’s really not for me to say I guess. I apologise in advance for the beach photo by the way. His girlfriend insisted it should go on here.

My friends would describe me as being genuine, intelligent, kind and reliable with a strength of character. I guess they’re right but I would have to add that I’m the romantic, gentle, caring and sharing type! During those cold winter evenings, nothing is better than sitting together cosied up by candlelight, watching a film and enjoying each others company. Although no expert, I enjoy cooking for two! I am pretty domesticated really!

I crave the sun, so always look forward to those days getting longer, the nights shorter and loads of hot weather!
I love to listen and talk at any level and apparently that’s what I’m good at! I also love a good debate about all issues and conversations that stimulate the mind.

Although brought up with traditional Christian values, my belief system is more on a spiritual level. Astrology and charts are one of my passions and whereas it can be fun, I’ve often used it to help people too. Yes, it does work! My interests are varied though and will give anything a go but love to have fun. I am well-travelled and have been fortunate to have visited some beautiful and interesting places.

Yes, I’m 50, but my friends reckon not typically so. I am known to be very loyal, honest, thoughtful and affectionate. I was brought up with old fashioned values although I don’t think I’m a stick in the mud. I’m forward thinking and do so outside the box.

I want to be with someone to share those simple things in life that are often so special. Someone to whom I can give my heart and they can theirs , where it will always be cherished and nurtured. I yearn to share those walks along the beach, picnics by the river, walks in the forest, log fires during the winter months. Simply put I’m a romantic!

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